Friday, January 12, 2018

True stories about Trump and the shithole countries

From 2012 I’ve got an interesting anecdote.
In that year, some archaeologists discovered what is believed to be the first shithole of Southeast Asia, in a Neolithic village of Rạch Núi, in southern Vietnam. It dates back to 1500 before Christ and gave us reliable clues about the diet of the time, in this case fish and meat, in addition to the nature of the parasites that made hard the digestion.
In other words, tell me how you use the shithole and I'll tell you what you eat and what disturbs your stomach.
In the age of total espionage of the average citizen, now reduced to a sort of sensitive data colander - you world leaders make copious use of it, this is something worthy, both for the food and laxatives industry.

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